Different Types of Septic System Available Today

Different Types of Septic System Available Today

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If you look for septic systems in the market, you will basically come across two different types of septic systems –

  • Conventional type
  • Alternative type

Depending upon the condition of the soil in your property, you have to decide which type of system will be appropriate to install in your property.

If you want to have any special septic field design then you need to consult a professional in this field. Maintaining the septic system is your responsibility therefore it is necessary that you understand what kind of system you have installed in your premises so that you can take proper care throughout its life.

In the following paragraph we are providing a brief detail about various types of septic systems that you can find in the market.

Conventional systems

  • Gravity system

This is a standard design available in the market where gravity is used to move the effluent through the septic tank and then it is carried to drain field. If you want to know more details about gravity flow system then by searching with this keyword “Gravity system” you can collect plenty of information from the net. You can know how to maintain such system for their efficient use.

  • Pressure distribution system

This kind of system has a pumping system too that can be used for distributing the effluent system almost all over the drain field without any problem. Nowadays in many new types of septic system this kind of systems are under usage. By using the keyword “pressure distribution system” you can get much additional information.

Alternative systems

  • Aerobic treatment units

This kind of system can provide much cleaner waste water then any other conventional system as it works by using oxygen in order to breaking the solids. Areas that environmentally very sensitive and the effluent needs much more treatment before releasing them to outside atmosphere or drain field. Again, by using the keyword “Aerobic Treatment Unit” you can search many other details

  • Mound system

In places where not much soil is available for treatment, you can consider using mound system.

  • Sand filler system

Filtration is done by using sand and pump and also effluent can be disbursed. This is used when minimum amount of soil is available.

Nowadays, as the technology is being improved many new innovations are going on in this field too. Custom designed septic system can be incorporated and they are quite successful too.

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