Essential Deals for the Air Conditioning Installations

Essential Deals for the Air Conditioning Installations

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On hot days air conditioners allow a comfortable temperature. To make the purchase worthwhile, a few points must be taken into account. Although the spring is just in the starting blocks, this year you will have to expect some hot days and nights. And so air conditioners for living rooms in our latitudes enjoy enormous popularity. The possibilities range from stationary devices to multi-part systems. But before deciding on a particular one, the necessary cooling capacity should be determined. Specialist firms calculate the demand individually (depending on the room volume, heat storage capacity, the degree of thermal insulation, the proportion of glass area, number of persons).

System Type

The system type is also dependent on personal requirements. If you decide on a firmly anchored system, you can choose between two main categories. The split-type air conditioners consist of outer and inner parts. The Phoenix air conditioning installation services are also there. The room unit (the cooling section) can be designed as a wall, ceiling or Chest device. The condenser is mounted outdoors. But there are also compact air conditioning units for wall or window installation, which save space.


The initial cost is between 350 and 2000 euros. The final price depends mainly on the manufacturer and the type of model. Cheaper are mobile devices that you can set up without additional effort in the living room. These are available from 350 Euros upwards. Also, there are the operating costs, which depend on several factors: the energy efficiency class (it indicates the power required for the cooling capacity, classes A to A +++ are particularly efficient), the electricity supplier, the outside temperatures and the type of equipment.


To avoid hygienic deficiencies, proper functioning of the device should be ensured. Since microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi often multiply unnoticed in the filters and tubes, professional maintenance of the device is essential. In addition to checking the condensate pump, it is also necessary to check the coolant. It is expected to average cost of about 100 to 120 dollars. Also, the filter of the system must be cleaned every two weeks. “This is done by the owner himself, cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner.” A dirty filter not only degrades the air quality in the room but also decreases the efficiency of the unit. But even if the air conditioner is optimally maintained, it can sometimes lead to health problems. In order not to burden the cardiovascular system on hot days, you must choose a professional team.


Legal conditions must be observed for air conditioners with outdoor unit, even before installation. Because depending on the location (different regulations in the federal states) and size, it requires a permit from the building authority. For the Phoenix air conditioning installation, this is important. In practice, this means that the outdoor unit must be mounted so that it is not visible from the road and is at least four meters from the nearest neighbor’s window. Courtyards or flat roofs are suitable for this. If the house is additionally located in a protection zone or if it is a listed building, the installation must be approved in principle.

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