Tips for Buying Pallets for Transportation

Tips for Buying Pallets for Transportation

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Pallets are commonly used for transportation and for storage purposes. In a warehouse, most of the packages are packed and stored atop a pallet. A pallet is basically a makeshift base that is usually made from synthetic materials like plastic, or cheap wood. They have ample space at the bottom for the prongs of the forklift to slot in between and lift entire packages. Most of the inventory that is moved across the globe is packed atop a pallet and carefully wrapped. The forklifts then move them around. Pallets can be packed and shipped easily as well, and make inventory management quite easy. If you are going to move inventory, it’s important that you buy the pallets carefully. Here are a few tips to help you buy the pallets at the best prices.

Types of Pallets

Most people only know about the conventional pallet. However, the conventional pallet might not be a suitable choice, depending upon the type of product you have. Some of the many different types of pallets that you can buy are as follows:

  • Chemical pallets – manufactured for specifications ranging from CP1 to CP9
  • Long board pallets – they sport a larger deck for supporting bigger items
  • Short board pallets – compact and easy for quick moves
  • Racking pallets – ideal for storage and warehousing, support racking
  • Winged pallets – suitable for shrink wrapping inventory atop the pallet
  • Two way entry pallets – these pallets are suitable for shrink wrapping and can be picked up by forklifts
  • Barrel pallets – designed for carrying drums and barrels
  • Yankee type pallets – though it’s classified as a two-way pallet, it can also be used as a four-way pallet
  • Three legger pallets – ideal for use in the distribution of goods
  • Stamp spicer pallets – ideal for supporting corrugated cardboard boxes

All of these pallets are also available in different sizes, including standard UK sizes of 1200mm x 1000mm, and many others. You can look for a company that offers high quality pallet services in West Bromwich before making your decision.

Buying Pallets

A common mistake that many people make when buying new pallets is that they don’t consult with the company. If you are unsure about the kind of pallets that you want, you should first get in touch with a sales agent. The agent will guide you to find which types of pallets are most suitable to your needs depending upon the kinds of products you sell.

If you buy the pallets in bulk quantities, the company will give you a discount as well. When the pallets are delivered, you should also check them carefully. Make sure that they are in good condition and that there are no imperfections on them. If you receive any damaged pallets, you can have them exchanged right away. The company will replace them free of charge. Many companies also buy pallets, so if you have additional pallets that are no longer in use, you can just sell them off to generate some additional income on the side.

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