What Are The Advantages Of Timber Piles?

What Are The Advantages Of Timber Piles?

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Piles have a major role to play in the construction sites. Whether it’s about building a log cabin or an industrial construction, the builders use the pilings for strengthening the foundation. Different types of pilings are available starting from the steel, composite, concrete, treated pilings and the list goes on. But timber piles, so far is known to be the most ancient and one of the most reliable pilings so far appreciated by the contractors.

Here, some of the advantages of timber pilings are discussed—

Sturdy material

The treated timbers are very strong. Before steel and concrete pilings, people used the timbers for building the houses or any buildings. You don’t be worry about the ability of the wooden pilings as the treated ones are strong enough to hold the complete weight of the house. Make sure you choose a trusted distributer, well-known for catering the finest quality materials. Good quality wooden pilings will last long and can be protected from the white ants, moisture, and even the adverse weather conditions.

Treated for moisture resistant

Opting for the treated timber pilings is always a smart decision. They’re water resistant and can stay withdrawn from any sort of moisture. In fact, they’ve got the efficiency to fight the flood waters without getting rot. Timber pilings are mostly chosen not only for building houses mainly for supporting the foundations and the roofs. You can also buy the timber pillars for supporting the outdoor staircase and the decks.

Ensure speedy job

Contractors find it to be the best material for speeding up the construction job. The builders can easily plant them for creating the foundations. Also, the timer pilings are excellent to get installed quicker than the steel and especially the concrete pilings. As you know, it takes days for creating the concrete pillars. In fact, if you’re looking forward to building a house as fast as possible, timber pilings, piers and floorings can assure you that speed.


According to several researches, many builders and homeowners have come to this conclusion that the treated timber pilings are more affordable than the steel or concrete pilings. They are sturdy, water-resistant and cheap considering the other variations.


Finally, to conclude, the timber pilings are durable. The longevity can be extended with proper maintenance. Particularly the treated ones are resistant to fungal decay, pests, moisture, water etc. Choose the best quality treated pilings that can last over generations.

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